Rhy Dongju

Arium Cover.png

Rhy Dongju - Lions'den II(-2) : Arium

1. Ricasso*

2. PP

3. Elvis Remember

4. Revenue

5. Venue

6. Syren

7. Aroes Intro

8. Aroes

9. Rachmaninoff Rhapsody, Part. 1

10. Rachmaninoff Rhapsody, Part. 2

11. Arium*

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May 1, 2020


Jazz Suite.


Composed, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Rhy Dongju



 "It has a smooth and warm tone sure to leave you satisfied and just enough to want to know what the future might have in store for

this rising, accomplished artist." - Gregg Keniston, Muzikmanreview

 "It's not often that you hear the phrase "Korean Guitar Hero", but that does actually sum up the work of Rhy Dongju as he countinues the suite of soundscapes that form the Lions'den series; and we now have the latest the be released as he shared Lions'den III (II-2) Arium with the world"

- Tom Dixon, Ramzine