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Rhy Dongju

Rhy Dongju - Lions'den III : Arium

1. Ricasso*

2. PP

3. Elvis Remember

4. Revenue

5. Venue

6. Syren

7. Aroes Intro

8. Aroes

9. Rachmaninoff Rhapsody, Part. 1

10. Rachmaninoff Rhapsody, Part. 2

11. Arium*

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Album Notes 


May 1, 2020


Jazz Suite.


Composed, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Rhy Dongju



  "There is a triumph as we get towards the end as well, a resolution as this entire album has this huge overall feel to it but also it tells a story

   from the first song to the last."

   - Joshua Macala, Raised by Gypsies

   "This young-ish Korean prodigy's mind is like a sponge", "Very ambitious record."
   - Eric. W. Seager, The Hippo

  "Hey awesome dubstep mix! I thought It was very entertaining and i would buy your album if they were all this good! Seriously good work putting         this together, the eq was great and everything flowed very well and was on tempo. I enjoyed it, I've been to a few dubstep shows, this music is the         best played through some loud speakers. Great job!"

   - Alec holmes, Music Reviewer

  "the music is awesome very exciting it has the potential to be used as a sound track in a movie or video games its a great piece of work so keep up       the good job . well done"

   - Kianyo Patrice, Music Reviewer


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