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Lions'den records

 Lions'den Records founded in 2018 by a composer and guitarist Rhy Dongju. We create and provide every styles of music. 

What We Do

Records Label / Music Production

 We create music. We strive to have the best environment for artists to express their creativity and inspiration. And we believe that's the best way to provide music and works that can impress audiences. We also do mastering works for artists.

collaboration / session works

 Contact us to build the project or session works(majorly Electric Guitar) with our Artists.

music publishing

 Distribute work to music stream and download platforms, including Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Play, CDBaby and etc.

music promotion

 Promote music as a World Wide in the US and Europe countries.
We promote different styles of music (majorly Progressive, Contemporary, Classical, Jazz, Rock/Metal and World Music) over 30,000 radio stations and more than 2,000 music magazines, reviewers, DJs and internet radio station / potcasts through our contact network system.

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