Rock | This Is Rogue Two - Never Again

Rock | This Is Rogue Two - Never Again

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BattleBorn under a cloud of quarantine, while the normally bustling Las Vegas strip was turned to a ghost town by Covid-19, This is Rogue Two, Rob Hau and Aaron Michaels, joined forces to create mysterious and majestic sounds using just two instruments. There first self-produced single was a funky and witty track called Lockdown at the start of the Covid Pandemic, the video contains very surreal still shots of a Las Vegas gone completely dark. They then released an alt pop/retro jam called We HAD IT ALL on streaming platforms. Both are very experienced players and producer and mixed and master all their track on their own. With a line up, instrumentation, and musical approach similar to Royal Blood or the Black Keys, their songs, encompassing a wide range of styles in a sound all their own, are emotionally powerful yet at the same time witty, groovy and bound to lift your spirits. Driven by Rob’s shamanistic approach to the drums and Aaron’s melodic bass guitar style their sound thunders like the beat of a dragon’s wings.

Even though they are only two, the band sounds like a full 4 piece rock band, they both sing, the bass sounds like thunder and can actually play chords and leads like a guitar. Their eclectic mix of original songs range from driving rockers, pop/funk fun, socially anxious punk, to melancholy psychedelic rock.

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