Rock, Pop | The Nevements - Immortal

Rock, Pop | The Nevements - Immortal

THE NEVEMENTS is a Finnish rock-pop band formed in Oulu in 2020.

Immortal (5:22) FIAYC2100001

( comp. : Limingoja/ Halkola, Lyrics: Halkola, Arr: The Nevements )

Recorded: 04.06.2021 Janne Huotari / Space Studios

Produced: The Nevements

Mastering: Petri Majuri / E-Studios

The Nevements are:

Henri Martin – vocals,

J. S. Limingoja – guitar,

Mats Haapalainen – guitar,

Junnu Häikiö – bass,

Tero Vedenjuoksu, - keyboards,

T. Tyybäkinoja – drums

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The Nevements- short history

The players of the band had previously played together in some ensembles and the band got its start in the beginning of 2020, when Limingoja, Häikiö, Tyybäkinoja and Heikki Mustonen started playing music made by Limingoja and Mustonen.

In the autumn of 2020, Henri Martin, an old acquaintance of Tyybäkinoja, who returned from Jyväskylä to Oulu, joined the band as a singer. This marked the beginning of a productive phase, when Martin made his own contribution as a lyricist, soloist and frontman.

Towards the end of the year, Mustonen unexpectedly announced that he was missing out on strength and the band had to look for a replacement. A new guitarist was found nearby when Mats Haapalainen, a long-time bandmate of Limingoja and Tyybäkinoja from previous bands, joined in.

Now both Limingoja and Haapalainen composed the songs while Martin wrote the lyrics and the whole band made the arrangements. The material was born at a commendable pace.

In 2021, the band decided to go to the studio later that year to record their first single. With the demo recordings, they wanted more creative possibilities for arrangements and the band’s sound, and keyboardist Tero Vedenjuoksu was invited to join in.

With this established line-up, The Nevements recorded the songs Immortal and Walk On in June 2021 at Space Studios Oulu. Janne Huotari recorded and mixed the songs.

Second single “ Walk on” will be released on 10.09.2021.