Reggae | AcMoney - My Queen

Reggae | AcMoney - My Queen,

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The AcMoney Records was founded by AcMoney a few years ago as he pursued his dream to make music. He explained that he was inspired to create the name using the initials of his daughter name witch is A C M. signifies 'an Ability To Create Millions', and that is what I want to do, use my God-given talents to generate money and make dreams come true,

We're the new generation that don't criticise or segregate our music, we use hip hop, reggae-dancehall, Pop, rap, rock n roll, R & B... it doesn't matter. Music is music and if you're doing music it's important to love music in general."

Who is AcMoney. AcMoney, birth name is Memphis Morgan he is a threat because, in addition to being an artiste in his own right, he writes as well for artiste he work with. He grew up in the. Island of Jamaica, is Mother move to the United States of America with him. As a teenager, when he immigrated to the US at 16, he continued to pursue his dream.

AcMoney had a wide palette of musical influences which he showcases, in is upcoming LP. AcMoney release, songs like, THE GIRLS DEM, LET IT BE, VIP GIRLS, LONG LIFE, and DARK DAYZ, and the lady anthem MY QUEEN. These and other songs you can

find on my youtube page @Megaacmoney and, Even while pushing his own personal ambitions, he is work with other up coming artiste. to get there music to the world as well.

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