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Rob Bess Born: Robert Charles Bess

Influences: Michael Jackson, Prince, Gil Scott Heron, Rafael Saddiq He was born Robert Charles Bess, in Oakland, Ca. His roots dictate his sound. His environment inspires his lyrics and he stays true to himself and his craft walking this walk day by day. Like a lot of Neo Soul artists Bess started in church and has evolved into what we know as Rob Bess. Bess is a studio regular since his teens, he has a wealth of experience, knowledge, and wisdom when it comes to this thing called “The Music Biz”. He has worked with such artists as Club Nouveau, HOOPla, Tony Toni Tone, Kevin Choice, Vernon Hall , T. Hatter, Tonyvic as well as host of other local and international artists. An accomplished keyboardist and producer Bess has had music in his blood stream for many, many years. His newest endeavor is a culmination of several years of work. He has combined his Hip Hop Roots with his R&B stance on this culturally diverse release. With his ready for radio single “ Tonight” accompanied by mentally soothing beats and melodies that quickly get you in the mood to groove, Bess has arrived. His evolution has taken him down some dark roads and some rough places to as we say “Find himself”. But with this new offering He has realized his place in the universe and has planted his feet and is ready to grow. This album is full of consciousness, passion, and emotionally driven content that will make you lend an ear to what Bess is trying to convey.

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