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R&B | No Regrets - Robert Jay

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In 2007 Robert Jay started his carrier as a Swing Singer. He did it in his

own JR Club in Düsseldorf/ Germany, where he played together with

his Friend Willy Ketzer, one of the best Big Band Drummer in the World.

Willy played with Tom Jones, Lisa Minelli, Jose Carerras and others.

Thereafter he played many shows in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and

Spain. 2010 he was on Tour with Shoukichi Kina, one of the biggest

Stars in Japan. Together with Team 33, Spain, he released his first

single "No regrets". Modern Elements combined with a hearty Groove

and Robert Jay's Voice create a special Style of Music, somewhere

between Swing, Pop and R&B. The Mixes for "No regrets" he did

together with DJ Scotty and they were placed in several european

Charts. Then he released his Swing Album "Swing it", together with

W.Ketzer. Several Single Releases followed. Most successfully was

"Let the Music play", the old Barry White Track. For some Music Editors

in Germany he is one of the best in American Swing. Enjoy.....

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