R&B, Hip-hop | Ralf im Radio - Run Away

R&B, Hip-hop | Ralf im Radio - Run Away

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Hello, my name is Ralf, also known as Ralf Im Radio.

I come from Germany.

My love for Music, began in the youth.

In school I was always the boy with the Ghettoblaster.

Everything that was coolfor me, was recorded at home on cassette,

and heard loudly in the school breaks.

Those were the 80s.

In the 90's I started my collecting passion for many different Music,

and little by little I got some small gigs as a weekend DJ.

Then I started to produce music myself, which was anything but easy at the beginning of the 90's. Laugh...

I started to produce small recordings with friends at home.

Which was a hell of fun.

At that time still with ancient PC, multitrack MD player, Korg Prophecy, Jamaha Rmx console, Studio mic.


Mostly the direction went into the HipHop direction.

Which you can still hear a little bit in my productions.

This has somehow burned itself into my brain.

My productions today, I would mostly describe as dance-electro-hiphop-soul tracks. Boy, what a connection.

Mostly I try to create something danceable.

I would like to hear one of my productions on the radio someday.

That's my Dream.

And that's why my Artist Name....

Of course a BIG thank you to the whole


For making it possible to bring my Music to the World.

Thank you !!!

So enough talking...

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