Pop, Rock | Inspomia - Photos on the Wall

Pop, Rock | Inspomia - Photos on the Wall

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Inspomia is an electro-pop/rock project from Australian songwriter, musician and producer, Michael Lobb. He uses machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to begin the process of songwriting, to provide inspiration and trigger a process of merging machines and humans for creative output. Along the way, Michael has collaborated with multiple musicians around the world to ensure that the human element is ever-present.

Photos on the Wall is the second song from Inspomia and was a personal and observational account of what online bullying can do to a person. Lyrically this was inspired by the tragedy that came from Terrace House's Hana Kimura who committed suicide following a barrage of online bullying during the show's hiatus when Covid paused filming in Japan. Even the people you think are the toughest can sometimes be susceptible to online hate.

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