Latin | Coréon Dú - Nuestro Secreto, Pele Café, No Me Llores (3 tracks)

Latin | Coréon Dú - Nuestro Secreto / Pele Café / No Me Llores (3 Tracks)

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Coréon Dú is an Angolan-born multi-lingual artist name one of FORBES´ 15 African Creatives Rebranding Africa. He’s becoming known for an eclectic fusion of traditional and contemporary African sounds with the musical cultures he grew up while in the United States where he discovered the kindred connections between his own Afro-Portuguese culture and Latin American communities.

Coréon has been recognized with accolades such as the prestigious KORA Awards (considered the African equivalent to the Grammy), International Portuguese Awards, African Entertainment Awards, AFRIMMA Awards, among others.

His discovery include beloved hits by his fans including “Ilha” or “Dancefloor” from his 2010 debut The Coréon Experiment, his Latin Billboard charted hits including “Bailando Kizomba”, “Que Pasó?” and “Amor Robotico” from his 2014 follow up LP “Binario” , and recent favorites including “Sol Raiar” and “ Love Infinity from his latest releases.

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