Indie Pop, Indie Folk | Elliot Wren - Girl in the Flower Patch

Indie Pop, Indie Folk | Elliot Wren - Girl in the Flower Patch

Elliot Wren is a pop indie singer-songwriter from the Boston area. They identify as non-binary & use they/them pronouns.

Elliot has been writing for over ten years, with their biggest influences being Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat, Avril Lavigne, Melanie Martinez, Miley Cyrus & Alexi Blue. Now 20 years old, Elliot Wren has already established themselves as a respected independent artist in Boston, performing with other local artists & organizing singer-songwiter events. In 2019, they performed in over 40 tour stops with All You Got Tour for performers aged 24 and under, and performed at First Night Boston.

Their biggest goal is to prove to LGBTQ+ artists, artists with disabilities and other artists who face hardships in day to day life that anyone can pursue music as a profession & find happiness in whatever they do. Elliot hopes to perform one day at Boston Pride.

Their freshman and sophomore singles, RIP My Diary and Good Luck were greeted with overwhelmingly positive praise from multiple publications for its raw lyrical style and expressive sound.

Currently working with BKY Music's award-winning producer Brad Young on three new song releases, Elliot also has their sights set on an album release in early 2022.

Empowering, engaging & deeply personal, Elliot is emotionally mature in their lyrical style. With so much talent to offer, Elliot Wren is excited to share with their fans new music that brings fans on an emotional journey

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