Hip-hop, R&B | J. Maurice - Facetime

Hip-hop, R&B | J. Maurice - Facetime


J'Maurice is a fast-rising Hip Hop and Rap artist representing the beautiful city of Dallas, TX. His success story can be credited to his fueled energy and passion for music and he’s on a lifelong mission to become the greatest entertainer and inspiration of all time.

Being a victim and conqueror of some unfavorable life situations bought upon by the early divorce of his parents, he learned to use his predicaments as a stepping stone for him. Having experienced life as a turbulent youth that made him turn away from his peers and parents, he learned to be strong as he rose above every circumstance to discover his true talent in rapping.

J'Maurice chose music as a platform to express himself because this is the area that inspires him the most in life. He is bent on creating inspiring music that will be lyrically rich, highly relatable and truly moving to his listeners. “Everybody's life has love, hate, and pain in it. Making music is my way of dealing with it, growing from it, and moving on," - J'Maurice. With this strategic approach, he seeks to use his songs to bring healing, happiness, and joy to others.

His love for music also streams from the motivation he gets listening to old skool Hip Hop and R&B music from veterans and prominent role models in the music and entertainment industry. J'Maurice is known for the passionate manner in which he fleshes out his flawless melodies that creates memorable, heartfelt rhythms with quotable lyrics. Whenever he takes the center of the stage, there’s no limit to his flair.

The talented and energetic rapper, best described by his addictive choruses and killer punchlines, never fails to wow the audience and the world around him whenever he drops a new hit.

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