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Cab Cabernet - CAN'T REACH ME

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CAB CABERNET (Lifestyle Connoisseur)

THE MAN-. Welcome to 2021, Where we find a 40 something year old Hip-Hop Culture, sitting (with one leg crossed) in a plush cigar lounge in Harlem NYC, sipping fine wine, and puffing Cuban cigars with a 40 something year old, Oenophile, lifestyle connoisseur who goes by the name of Cab Cabernet. Now, the fact that a so called rapper owns a luxury lifestyle brand is not so surprising at all these days. The head scratcher is that he became a self-made millionaire outside of the music industry. Which makes him one of a spoonful of Rappers who can claim they “do it for the culture,” and actually mean it. And although Mr. Cabernet was not raised with a silver spoon in his mouth, his has been a life of many rich adventures. In his own words: “I have lived many lives...Krushed Grapes is but one of them”.

THE BRAND- So what is the Krushed Grapes Lifestyle? Well, aside from being another term for wine, (Krushed Grapes Lifestyle) is the brand name of a sophisticated lifestyle products/services company owned by Mr. Cabernet which includes wine, music, cigars, footwear, accessories, lingerie, tours, TV, film, and much more. Krushed Grapes is a lifestyle. The lifestyle of enjoying life.

THE MUSIC- Cab’s music is a soundtrack to the lifestyle. His lyricism is that of a refined bottle of a vintage wine, paired with full bodied musical compositions of a hand rolled cigar. This is Adult Contemporary Rap music, for music lover over 25, who appreciates the finer things in life. Mr. Cabernet could quite possibly be the most sophisticated Rapper alive. A student of high culture. a distinguished gentleman. A man of many hats... figuratively and literally. He actually owns over 200 of them.

THE ADVENTURE- Back in 1994 while living in his hometown of New England, he and his local Rap group were discovered by a Major record label during his senior year of High School. Within just 2 months he was signed to the label and immediately relocated to NYC and began ghost writing for Gold and Platinum R&B recording artists. In 1999, he co-founded the Bukarance Records imprint which released music for the next 7 years with various distributors worldwide. In winter of 2006, after a 13 year roller coaster career in the music biz, Cab took a break from that lifestyle, and created a new one. The former underground Hip-Hop artist transformed into the founder of a private all male escort service for the pleasure of women only. Not only did this service pay the bills (and offer many other interesting perks), but more importantly, it led to the birth of the 2008 full length album “KRUSHED GRAPES”, the Krushed Grapes Lifestyle, and Empire to be.

Part James Bond, part Billy D, and 2 cubes of ice, Mr. Cabernet is the epitome of cool and class, with a debonair flair...and a bop from way back when. In the charismatic words of Cab Cabernet, “Krushed Grapes Is A Lifestyle...Sip It Slow”. Cheers.

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