Hip-hop | King Vice Vurze - Chop Chop (Miyagi Vice)

Hip-hop | King Vice Vurze - Chop Chop (Miyagi Vice)

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Prolific Rapper and Producer King Vice Vurze also known as "Big Miyagi" is definitely one of "those ones"! Over the years he's shared the same stage as industry artists such as Young Buck from GUnit, Scarface, Twista and Mims to name a few. Multi-talented, King Vice took up the moniker "Rico Cage Muzik" as a producer to signify that he his not to be f@#%ked with on that level as well- producing the smash hit "Chop Chop" more recently! In fact, King Vice is simply a hit factory all within himself with bangers such as "I.D.K.", "Puppet Master", "Wipe My Shoulders Off" and "Dey Luv Dat" on his resume.

One of the hottest rappers outta the midwest, Miyagi Vice is know for puttin' on a show during live events and keeping the crowd on their feet! Make sure you follow King Vice throughout social media and stream his literally dope music across digital platforms, don't forget to subscribe to the channels for more updates!

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