Hip-hop | Comatose Red Ivy - STAR BRIGHT (Live Cincinnati Freestyle)

Hip-hop | Comatose Red Ivy - STAR BRIGHT (Live Cincinnati Freestyle)

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I sing songs, I do not write them, well I still write songs but don’t use them on the microphone. I let the less fortunate and less talented artist write what they don’t genuinely have in their heart so they can practice sounding sincere even though we know they aren’t on the microphone. No rappers can battle me, out tarck me and soon I will be lead producer of the hip hop scene, already made 12 beats but whewww wheee I love BOYFIFTY AND RYINI BEATS, I own most of their beats as inspiration. I like WYSHMASTER AND that one dude that got crazy beats but he too greedy can’t remember his name, they dope though, I’ll have better beats and give them for free.

Uploaded my first track October 30, 2020 first 5 to 8 songs were written, now over 2000 songs sang 1st try every try, I’m gender bender genre bendre, there’s no gender or genre for me although I am a transgender bytch. I am Iam, super cute, soft and submissive but on the mic I go too hard for most dudes to take a chance with, it takes a tough man to control me. I’m not into men into men, I’m into men into women dude.

Traveling all summer 2021, moved to California then Germany and from there we will see. I’m Comatose Red Ivy, see me and use me and my music to heal and as utility to see that not loving yourself and those around you true and thru will result in your loss. I’ve healed since and do love true and thru now but they never forgave or came back, stay strong, love the love you have. Love Love.

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