Afrobeat, R&B | Beejvibe$ - Joro Mi

Afrobeat, R&B | Beejvibe$ - Joro Mi

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Babatunde Jonathan Johnson aka Beejvibe$, is a songwriter and A&R, born in Atlanta, to Nigerian immigrants. BJ has always had an affinity for music and it shows, in his lyrics, hooks, and melodies. After casually writing and recording ideas on voice notes, for a year, it was not until February 2021 when he decided to record ideas in a studio. His writing patterns are heavily influenced by his favorite artist, Drake, the different afro-genres, and years of watching battle rap on the Ultimate Rap League platform. BJ has released a couple songs, with very much afrobeat emphasis in the production, but also makes R&B and rap as well. He has collaborated with some established artist and producers, including Dami Oniru, David Meli, Nu Baby, and Masterdon to name a few. In addition, his major goals are to write songs for big artists, manage in the future, and help shed light on the abundance of up and coming talent in, the Atl scene.