Lions'den started career in January, 2018.

It is the project of Rhy Dongju, as a guitarist to every styles of music including electric guitar, majorly Progressive Rock / Metal, Blues, Jazz, Instrumental Rock / Metal.

 'Lions'den' has two meanings.

 First, as is well known in Christianity, it means the lion's den that Daniel entered.

Daniel entered the lion's den falsely by corrupted Ministers, but the lions did not harm him because he was innocent.

 Second, after Buddha's death(enter Nirvana) in India, the disciples gathered to unite his teachings. One of Buddha's best disciples Kasyapa called the place 'lion's den'.

"Daniel's Answer to the King" by Briton Rivière, 1890.


 In both cases, there is a reference, in first case, there is a criterion for justice, and in the second case, there is a criterion for enlightenment.

He named the project "Lions'den" because he wanted to make it a gather of people who play and enjoy music together beyond racial, cultural and religious restrictions.


"Tripitaka Koreana, Palmandaejanggyeong" Woodblocks, 1237~1248. Haeinsa Temple JanggyeongPanjeon


Songbird, 2018

Songbird single, 2018

Prelude single, 2018